01 January 2010


I can read the Runes.

Twice in as many days I've been reminded that no-one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Less funny has been the time spent explaining to those too dull or too young the precise Pythonesque reference.

What clinched it was the arrival of a friend of a friend of a Special Forces friend of maman's - gushing intro, natch - who exactly defined one of my father's favourite quotes from Waugh, a

"lean, scarred man with hard grey eyes ... the sort who'd done well out of the war."

Turned out Gimlet Gaze was known to his friends as 'Biggles' - not that any of us tried using it over the Pimms and nibbles - but that decided me to shove the wretched sketch up here before there's further trooble oop t'web.


Simon Baddeley said...

Nooooo! Not the comfy chair

Busker said...

You got it! And Terry Gilliam - not the prettiest mug at the best of times - gives a wonderful horrified look as if *he* himself cannot bear the thought of the agony about to be inflicted.
And thank goodness the Spitfire hasn't seen the young gel at the start so deftly ripping the fotos up: that is exactly what Anna would do at the many occasions she has to sit thru just such presentations.