20 January 2010


~ PCSO Prick Alert ~

Questa storia ha tutte le caratteristiche di una farsa Delroy Smellie.
Questo blog seguirà le sorti della signora Bonomo e il siero-svassi fronte del PCSO.

Truth to tell, I couldn't stop laughing when I heard of this latest bit of juvenile buffoonery from our so-called 'support' officers.

  • Here's a student, a foreigner, and therefore easy meat for the sarcasm of the disbelieving whey-faced PCSO loon quizzing her on camera.

    Filming for fun - sounds convincing enough to me.

    But yon Incredulous Dumpling Jowels was determined to make a proper Charlie of himself and his once-proud uniform.

  • If I was someone senior in whichever department these 'support' officers belong - they're not real Filth, are they? - I'd summon him, his supervisor and divisional head and give them a right bollocking.

    And the same should go for the uniformed darkie bird looking gormless and scratching her pectorals behind him.

  • For starters, look at the way he's standing - well - hardly standing, in fact, but that's today's uniformed for you, no backbone. More like swaying back 'n' forth like blob in the breeze.

    Stand up straight, you revolting lump of lard!

  • And is that *gum* you're chewing, you 'orrible little man? For Gawd's sake! The girl's actually filming him and he's too thick to get rid of the goo.

    I don't allow my children to chew gum in front of *me*, let alone in the sight of others.

  • If not out of good manners, then at least for vanity:

    He's got a weak enough chin as it is, plus that gormless ploughman's jaw. The last thing he should be doing is emphasising it with all that yokel drooling.

  • And get those hands out of that weskit - a thoroughly disappointing performance, letting the whole side down.

    I hope his team mates laid into him for showing the team in such a bad light.

    • They clearly couldn't think of any other way to save face, so they nick her for cycling the wrong way down a one-way street; pathetic. Who trained this oaf? Del boy Smellie?
    • Simona said sorry, the PCSO prat wandered off, no doubt seething at his own impotence, met some mates and decided to go back and sock it to her.
    • "Searched and, after an 'altercation' (doncha love the euphemisms the Filth come up with?) with one officer, was accused of being aggressive, bundled to the ground and arrested."
    • Five hours in a cell, told to sign £80 fixed penalty for a public order offence.
    • Even the builders who witnessed her arrest were disgusted.
    • "They were terribly out of order.
    • There was one officer who was spiteful to you."
    • 'Terribly out of order?'
    • 'Spiteful?'

      That doesn't sound at all  like any of the coarse navvies I  sparksed and brickied with.

    • Cue Posh and/or Gay Scaffolders

      And then cue the sort of gels any red-blooded 'builders' should  be ogling.

  • Altercation Fail: If I went back to that country of my saintèd father's birth, I'd be in an 'altercation' in 24 hours, bundled to the ground and having the boot - sorry, 'book' - thrown at me.

    Surement, I would not know how to check my temper or lip with this sort of idiot incompetence and bullying.

    As usual, there'll be no more than a token 'investigation', this insolent wanker spanker whippersnapper will strut free to chew his gum with impunity, and the bird with him will keep her hands in her poche and swear she saw nuffink.

    The oiks who took care of the rough stuff will disappear behind a stack of red tape and paperwork ... and justice will once again have its face thoroughly rubbed in the excrement.

    And I'll tell you why I'll be duffed over by the likes of Bunter here: because I will be walking with a confident stride and they hate that, do our guardians of the peace.

    And my confident stride will be because I'm so dated that I still believe my safety and well-being is safe in the trained albeit incredulous hands of the likes of tubs up there.

    Fool moi! How much of a dinosaur can a chap be?

    Loipon, it's disgraces to the uniform like this scruff here who's behaving far more ASBOne-headed than the yobs he's meant to be 'policing'.

    Call me fogey but I can't stand an employee incapable of maintaining eye-contact and slobbers around chewing gum with that cretin jaw movement. And he is  my employee as long as my taxes pay his miserable wages and keep him in the Wrigleys he's chewing there in the movie like a prick.

    And he is a prick:

  • He's a prick to allow himself to be filmed.
  • When he goes home and his mum sets the fish knives for high tea, she says "Don't just sit there like a prick, Eric. Fetch the doilies."
  • When he goes down t'pub wi' mates and tries to buy the dollies a drink, they scoff,
    "We don't take drinks off pricks".
    Then a tasty bit of gash chirps up,
    "Oh all right - make it a Prick 'n' Tonic."

    How they must laugh, and when the prick gets back to his mates, they mock him,

    "That's not how to pick up birds, you daft prick."


    The Buzz

  • americablog's Chris in Paris writes shrewdly
  • Niqnaq - Paul Lewis cuts to the chase and thanks Zionism for making us all into permanent terror suspects. Nice one, Paul
  • undercurrents nails the prick bang to rights:
    "The jumped-up little git of a community support officer (PCSOs)"
    Lovely to see that word 'git' again, don't hear it enuff out here.

    And my thanks for the foto of the JULG. I wasnt able to pin a still down from the video

  • David of ubiserv hammers it home, that
    "British cops still haven’t got the message about photography".
    Right on, and he keeps drilling:
    "The additional issue is that PCSOs are not even proper trained police officers in the first place, yet they increasingly seem to be under the impression that they can make the kind of judgements that senior police officers should be making."
  • allvoices
  • uk.legal

    December 17: Simona going viral

    This interests and pleases me mightily.

    The case of Titchy Tool and the Student has wind under its wings.

    But first, seeing as I'm determined to play silly buggers on the theme of dick dimensions, let's hear it for melancholy Mister Mighty Tool, Jaded Jonah Falcon, unemployed owner of the longest hard on film - 13.5 inches.

    Apparently, that's the length of an average wine bottle, which means nothing to me, but tell me Falcon measures from the first position on the Ovation up to bullseye on the 14th fret and RIGHT ON!! - now you're talkin', Blue.

    Sheeyit, that's like two above the freakin' harmonic 12th.

    Fu-u-ck ... except the poor bloke clearly doesn't.

    You 'n' me, we've been sold stories of Falcon-hung studs all barrel-chested Desperate Dans festooned in drooling chicks. Not so - check out the video of dumpy Jonah and you will meet one sad sack. Moan groan bitch whine ... he might as well be packing a weenie like mine for all the pleasure he's getting from that bazooka.

    Anyway, on with the show. Just thought I'd shove that in, so to speak.

  • Labour authoritarians
  • London insults to visitors
  • Simona stuff
  • Filming for fun? I don’t believe you.
  • Gaming and stitching: Usual good comment from Sinbad, to witen that the rot usually starts at the top
  • As for 'police state', how about this one from San Francisco?
  • Which is why SB's 'Marxist friend who has perfect credentials when it comes to fighting far right nutters, thinks they aren't half as dangerous as our present 'liberal democracy' - here and across the pond.'
  • Anti-Terrorism Blather: Well done, Paul Lewis! This Bonomogate affaire could get interesting now that it's gone viral and folks like the Guardian are looking further into it. Watch how Lewis makes a muggins of the security spokesman who gets increasingly out of his depth as he realises that PL knows what he's talking about. And the Fuzz who turn up don't seem much more confident about the public's rights. Someone had better get their facts together before they're really taken to pieces by more robust probing.

    What are your rights? ~ Interesting. Good old Lone Voice, nice to see a blog that favours language as dulcet as mine.

    British Blogs looks a good 'un.

    Bunch of Little Dicks ~ Speaking of Little Dicks, I'd thought of slipping some Italian into this post as a salute to La Bonomo and was casting around for the rudest Italian argot with which to dub PCSO Puny Prick.

    No-one seemed too sure so I asked an Italienne who would definitely know and who has long surprised me by not flinging it at me earlier, along with everything else she's hurled so accurately at my retreating buttocks.

    She gave the sweetest ravenous smile:

    "So, to answer to your question about the male thing - well there is no such word in Italian, just regular 'cazzo' or 'cazzetto' if small, very used in vulgar language, like 'putain' in French.

    But never the small one, simple doesnt exist!"

    Interesting. Is it that Italian stallions are never small, or just that they refuse to accept the idea where Italian manhood is concerned? Like Queen Victoria over lesbianism, or every Italian driver's firm belief that he is a son of Fangio?

    Vox LibDem ~ good readers, good comments.


    ICON SCHMICON: While we're about it, WTF *is* an 'iconic building'? The very word is somewhat of a shibboleth for me, having seen its descent from this to being applied to those pics on the 'puter.

    In fact, if just a few of you out there absorb even a sentence or two of the εἰκών/religious work of art definition, my job will be done and I'll ride off into the sunset.

    It sent me grumpy just to hear those uniformed mastodons grunting their nonsense.

    David Benfell is included here because he has such a cool face and reminds me of a Special Forces compadre in Hong Kong with whom I'd go trekking. Taciturn, he was, walking with death in both hands, tough as hell, spouting Shakespeare and Donne as he beat the wilderness at its own game.

    Good blog, to boot, very to the point.

    Fuzz IQ not required: Carlos Miller nails it.

    Measured Assessment ~ A sober, fair-minded look at Bonomogate by the astute >Re: PHOTO that quite took the rug from under my aggro-seeking bovver boots.

    It includes in full the statement issued by the Metropolitan Police Press Bureau detailing the advice sent to all MPS officers and staff, and clearly repeating the tone of the advice contained in the Home Office circular in September.

    Gun versus Snowball ~ Pricks in Uniform. Actually, I'm not sure this gun-happy District of Columbia cop *is* in uniform, but his very embarrassed backup is. And on the same subject, calling Officer Columbia: proceed to Crawley Surrey England and lend assistance to fellow officers.

    Goodness, can u imagine what fun the Merkan fuzz woulda had?

    Back to the Columbia video, Quick question: who does the black Fuzz remind you of vis-à-vis lack of training, zero confidence and a hair trigger when it comes to abusing his position? Yes, indeed - just hope no snow comes to the streets of London, or there'll be bodies bleeding in the blizzard.

    Curious Artist Manhandled ~ rather a curious title in itself from nthWORD whose instruction to Adjust My Thinking (or is it just polite exhortation?) makes me want to ramp up to Stick-in-the-Muddier still.

    (To tell the truth, just clicking around in there, nth looks rather cool and intriguing)

    Corriere TV

    A Londra se filmate o fotografate possono arrestarvi

    Steps to Orwell

    Fickle Feckless Fuzz - well said, Jack,  and I love the bit about preferring to sit around in a “warm police station”.

    Echoes of that superb phrase about all a black brother needing being

    "tight pussy, loose shoes and a warm place to shit.”
    As someone said at the time, "sounds like what a lot of us would settle for."

    Good summarising blog on both Smelliegate and Signora Simona

    Photograph a Police Officer Today - Interesting link in my Google Alert to a wizard Facebook wheeze to Snap the Filth.

    More disconcerting is the story they're putting out that,

    "Beginning February 16th, a new law will go into effect in the United Kingdom which would make it illegal to photograph members of armed forces, a member of the intelligence services, or a police officer."

    Simon Baddeley Comment

    Goodness, the Daemon of Democracy has earned his own headline.

    Interesting bundle of observations from my favourite commentator through which I was positive I'd be slashing the blue pencil, but zilch. My only areas of usefulness were inserting the links for your speedier delectation.

    Pay particular attention to SB's observation that,

    "too many people out there keel over and give in too easily - despite squawking a lot about their rights, for which they've probably never fought an inch of ground." Right on, buddy!
    Loipon, we kick off with some cool addresses:

  • BJP ~ British Journal of Photography starts its new campaign
  • Not-A-Crime ~ cool visual campaign to which you too can contribute with your own auto-portrait
  • Darling little British Transport policier, snapped avec chien by Baddeley pal at the ticket barrier, Birmingham New Street station concourse on Christmas Eve.

    Then to the ramble about being,

    "with my PCSO daughter at the time. No-one objected. Indeed the BT Police Officer was happy to pose though working and in a sensitive place - New Street Station concourse.

    We must not assume the police are for this any more than they are all for carrying firearms. Indeed quite the contrary. Don't let that pesky old Milgram effect succeed.

    I have been challenged a couple of times and I have just smiled politely and continued, after giving my name and saying 'so arrest me' or 'please take me to your leader'. But then I was educated (brainwashed) over the first part of my life into thinking that I am one of those who make the law and decide how things should be.

    This is why when Lin was arrested, the Chief Constable of the WM ended up helping to pay for a house and a yacht in Corfu with the punitive damages, despite our first solicitor saying just 'plead guilty'.

    I do think too many people out there keel over and give in too easily - despite squawking a lot about their rights, for which they've probably never fought an inch of ground.

    Were I in Russia under Stalin or Germany under Hitler, that would have been a different.

    People in western democracies can be craven about playing their part as citizens, while whingeing like billyo about the state of the world. Yawn.

    But remember that Milgram's work was replicated quite recently with the same results as in 1963."

  • Just "Following procedure"
  • Also animatedly replicated by North Park
  • The ubiquitous Derren Brown

  • Gadzooks! None other than the HAXERIÉ site taking up the Bonomo battle-axe.
    "From the video footage it seems only disturbance were the police, and there is certainly cause for alarm since the police are wasting time and 6 officers on this.

    Shameful act of over-policing. Interesting also considering that British are dying abroad in a 'fight against terrorism' while the 'freedoms' they are 'protecting' are, simply, lost to police-state action."

    Yard Commander abuses power ~ I could link the Dizaei/Waad Al-Baghdadi story to dozens of my posts over the years, all reeking with the stench of the Old Bill acting bullseye on form. But I'll placemark it in the most recent Filth Fail sighting - except they'd probably not regard it as 'Fail' so much as business as usual.

    On that note, I defy you to look at that photo and tell me that profiling isn't the way to go. FFS! If ever there was a face of weasel ambition and twisted self-interest, Constable Ali Dizaei's features have, over the years, come to define it.

    Alas, as with 'Smackie' Smellie and bent bobbies of every hue back pocket, the Peeler Masonicry will look after their own and ensure he walks ... but one day, one day the wind will change (as it clearly did there with the Dizaei mug) and it'll be payback time, out with the knitting and on with the WD40 for those rusty tumbrils.

    The Curse of Facebook ~ always an indicative tipping point when FB enters the lists:

  • Countryman Pierfrancesco Celada
  • His FB page
  • His intriguing portfolio
  • Facebook links to this whole Snapper not a Sniper movement.

    Mass Photography Shoot-out

  • Flashpoint 2010
  • Saturday Jan 30, 12 Noon
  • Westminster Bridge, London SE
  • Oyez all London snappers!

    Mass photography shoot-out to challenge the use of Section 44 to detain and arrest photographers shooting so called 'iconic' buildings.

    Urban Orienteer - one week earlier than Flashpoint ~ 23rd Jan

    BBC - Stop and Search Powers

    Simona snapped? ~ someone thinks they spotted La Bonomo "being chased round the crowd by a PCSO intent on serving her with a Fixed Penalty Notice for something."

    At first I thought it was an agit-prop action, but the PCSO and his buddies were genuine."

    Offence of being cocky ~ since we're into puny pricks.

    A merry dance

    Hefty Protest against police stop and search behaviour.

    2,000+ photographers demo against Filth using terrorism laws to prevent photography in public places.


    sibadd said...

    Trouble is the rot starts at the top.


    ...and as for 'police state' how about this one from San Francisco:

    This is why my Marxist friend who has perfect credentials when it comes to fighting far right nutters, thinks they aren't half as dangerous as our present 'liberal democracy' - here and across the pond

    Corfucius said...
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    Anonymous said...

    Your'e jumping ahead of yourself!
    It isn't Thursday 1st July yet!!

    Corfucius said...

    thanks for keeping me honest! it's this silly juggling i try in order to keep posts in chronological order of currency and interest. i also find myself consigning posts to the correct date but old years.
    well done! i would have caught it when i went to edit it again.

    Corfucius said...

    also, i seem to recall not being able to post to an accidentally future date, but now i can. weird. what an appropriate post - about the Filth - to come a cropper tampering with evidence. i must check - maybe only those posts that include certain buzz words - police, law, rozzer, blair, old bill, iconic building, poodle - allow date changes and the rest obey the same unities of place and time that the rest of us have to observe.

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