15 January 2010


To Lidl for basic shop but what is this in their very portal?

By t'heck - if this trick had been tried on me back in Apache days,

(don't worry, that's the Tony Meehan/Jet Harris take; none of yer geriatric updates on this blog)

I'd've been pestering Maman all the way home.

Et voilà! None other than a convincing Fender/Squier lookalike and, when I remove it from the box and tighten up to approx pitch for a test of the action ... ooh yeh, where's my band of gypsies?

So I'm plunking soundlessly away and a young fellah passes by - prolly thinks I'm Jeff Beck over to lay down some tracks in Roy Kendal's subterranean Evropouli chamber of tricks.

Tugs dad's sleeve to signal "Me want" but Pater's too canny and points out that it needs an amp.

Uh oh ..

Sans thinking, I drift away from the main display, revealing ... my dears, that father's face ... revealing the accompanying amp.

But quel bargain, hein?

Just when I've taken to driving around with Jimmy-Joe Potts On the Memphis Road! blaring and thinking,

"Hot damn! That boy's Epiphone is cryin' out for some kick-ass instrumental"
(Improv, improv)

"Bring me my Gretsch of burning gold;
Bring me my plectrums of desire:
Bring me my Cap' O clouds unfold:
Bring me my Epiphone of fire!"

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Jim said...

I would welcome some biting Scotty Moore licks (can we overdub?) Scotty wasn't available on the day at the Sun Studios. I recorded 19 songs in under three hours. Waiting for the detailed review!