16 October 2009

'Delicate negotiations' ~ à la Grècque

Drinks with long-time pals of maman - gardening types, no interest to me and nor I of use to them except to co-ordinate visit to Pagoda Corfuchsia and keep the dog at bay.

Met a splendid old buffer out here to co-ordinate some property deal for his over-bonused cityslicker son.

Quink on quill, everything ready to sign - suddenly the lawyer calls up with a last minute hitch about the owners wanting more money.

Quoth l'Avocat:

"This will require delicate negotiation"


"I don't do 'delicate'.

Tell them they sign within the week or the offer decreases by €10,000.

Another week, the whole deal's off.

Think you can get that across with sufficient delicacy?"

A face-retaining three hours later, it was a deal. They'd sign.

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