19 October 2009


Vipera ammodytes: In our garden, we call this one Vipera Οχιά

Going about my gardening business and this handsome fellah slithered out of the barrel of leaves and branches I'd gathered to put thru the mulch shredder.

Lucky it didn't nip my bare arms.

They're poisonous, couldn't risk it getting away to sink fangs into Maman or the animals, so I had to prong it there and then.

Huge pity to put it down: one thinks of all the ugly mugs like me stamping around and this beauty has to cop it just because I'm afraid that one of us will trespass on his territoire.

Damn'd if he was gonna go gentle ... you should've seen his expression as I cornered him and we dueled it out.

Also ace opportunity to run my favourite snap of Frog and Snake in impasse situation.


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Richard said...

oh you got your mojo woikin.