17 October 2009


What is this ridiculous 'hate' prefix to 'crime' or 'murder' or all the other obvious words of evil and violence?

Where were these ludicrous qualifiers in days of yore?

I grew up with crime in the streets and in the homes of Hong Kong, my dad fought a war to stem it - crime was and still is crime.

Why do we have to nancy pants it with these idiot additions.

Tell you what, I bet Sinbad sends in another of his killer explanation rationales and I'll be able to simmer down and concentrate on fitting Monica into my siesta fiesta fumblings.


Sibadd said...

When you're young you hardly notice trees growing. You've not been around long enough. When you're older you've had time to begin to see the way language, meaning and values are always in flux. Heraclitus? The older you get the broader the temporal landscape, and the greater your awareness of how things change. It's not that things are happening faster. They just seem to be because your perspective's ever broadening. Those who can cope become wise. Those who can't are on the way to becoming grumpy old men. The latter are more fun, so keep posting...

Busker said...

yep, exactly the sage comment i was trawling for.
grumpy old man! c'est moi! fun for you mebbe but you should see it from this side of the eyeballs.