22 October 2009

Wal-Mart fires employee for chasing after thief

Walmart in the UK is ASDA, am I right?

What a blithering bunch of eedjits.

If I managed a company anywhere in the USA, I'd get on the phone to ... where the fuck IS Ocala, ffs ... yeah, I'd call up Marion County and tell them to get Josh Rutner on the blower pronto.

I'd tell him,

"Hey, Cowboy, what's up?

Dude! You need to get yer ass outta Faggot Marion before someone rules it's illegal for a man to go to work packing balls.

Yo! Heave your rustler-chasing rump onto the next stage to Main Street Ariel, Mirandaville USA and I will escort you to your corner office in Tempest Towers to park your hide in a baadass Spanish leather chaze longew as V-P Asset Protection and my personal  Director of Security.

Anytime you want to mosey down to the shopfloor and duke out some punk shoplifter, be my guest.

Knuckle dusters and switchblade, second drawer down."

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