12 October 2009

Lensman Limb Lammed by Limo

Of course Robbie Williams has to appear wild-eyed and weepy over the idiot clicker who got too near and went underwheel - they're his fans and he has to show gratitude and concern and all that other stuff that shores up the bank account.

But really the truth is that these pests who shove their lenses in yer face are a ruddy nuisance and a few hi-profile 'accidents' and bust bones will send a good signal to the rest of the pack.

I don't know how these drivers keep their patience with these ninnies crowding round and the guv'nor telling them all the while to skedaddle the heck outta there.

Anyway, Roberto was ready with the crocodiles and the rest of the giggling paparazzi were right on cue to snap the après-larmes.

A successful gig followed by a short sharp lesson to the whipper snapper.

A good night's hunting.

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