18 October 2009


Marvelous winners in the Oldie's excellent competition to reduce a well-known novel or play to not more than 140 characters.

Othello (in rhyme, to boot)

Old black guy weds younger chick,
Speechifies, gets jealous quick.
Old black guy kills young white wife,
Speechifies and ends his life.

(Does O top hisself? Gad, I don't remember that. Shame on moi)

OK! "Othello commits suicide with a dagger before they can take him into custody. At the end, it can be assumed, Iago is taken off to be tortured and possibly executed."

What also can be assumed - so puleez, no one tell Doctor Lonsdale - is that at the next Balliol ballyhoo he glides up and strips me of my Broad Street oak leaves and cloister.

Madame Bovary

French medic's wife who has read too many cheap romances, bored by provincial life, gets off on shopping and fucking, pays the price.

David and Goliath (which only the Spitfire et contemporaires will understand)

phat boy trying to spread fud. nimby! imho hes a troll. not p2p fight. omg wywh 2save me. hes down. omg u did. aas tnx vm. im da king! agabt! gotta psalm this! cya l8r. david

King Lear

  • (Not particularly good effort but it enables me to re-run my Spook King non-ecdote.)

    Son sees Ghost Dad.
    Ghost says King bad.
    'Kill King!' says Ghost.
    'Will do!' King toast.

    Yes. Well. I suppose there is some minute merit to it but it does pale in comparison to the Spook King winner.


    Sibadd said...

    Very nice Hamlet. Now for a bonus point do Finnegan's Wake

    Busker said...

    I *want* to do some and plan to set little competitions whereby folks arrive for dinner and have the whole evening to come up with their chef d'oeuvre.

    Sibadd said...

    The Decameron in four lines. Brilliant, and at first I thought that was an invitation.

    Busker said...

    You ... too early in the morning ....

    Simon Baddeley said...

    I'm 7.00am. Gerrup! Rosy fingered dawn has long draped fair Hellas.