18 October 2009

Oldster test-drives car over cliff

I've never had patience with elderlies behind the wheel - so I've  got it coming to me.

But ever since my elder gal was knocked down at a Bellingham pedestrian crossing by a stoopid stripling fart of mere 70 ("But I never saw you, honey", as she's lying there with cars whizzing by her head in the oncoming lane), I've been particularly bitter and vengeful.

(She's OK, thanks. Our attorney got her a beeg settlement, some of which is going on visiting her old man. Ill wind.)

  • So where was this lady driving? Round the car park of a caff.
  • The name of this caff? The Cliffhanger Café
  • Address? Highcliffe, Dorset.

    Gotta giggle.

    Dept of Word Eat: On the other hand ... altho' I dont know what an absence of tickets is meant to signify.

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