23 October 2009

Der deutsche Weg zu trinken

I am a 'totally insular imperialistic English arsehole'.

She delivers this while we are sitting up with the ashtray between us.

Later as I pour the Prosecco, "You don't even know the German way to drink:

  • "Raise your glass, like so.
  • Look into my eyes - that is always.
  • Drink
  • Raise glass again
  • Look again
  • Allow some silence to put down glass
  • Think serious on our moment."

    The Boss of You said...

    Looking the person in the eye is *crucial* for Balkan types. Of course, they were occupied by the Germans is some way or another maybe they got it from them.

    Busker said...

    v good point and i must make more of a point in all my toasting.