30 December 2009


  • Good excuse to run a pic of the delicious Carol Vorderman (who'll be 50 in 2010; perfect)
  • Speaking of twenny-one oh, some usual silliness about how to actually say  Twenty Ten.

    I must admit I haven't really thought about it. I must ask my American pals, they're much cleverer over there with dates. I think I've been saying "two thousand and ten".

    What to call it: Big sulks chez Corfuciana. Maman does not seem to realise that what *she* thinks it should be - twenty-ten - is not necessarily what will be adopted as the standard.

    Sorry, mum. Rude of the Beeb not to take your ruling as standard but the fun will be seeing what emerges as the Peoples Choice.

    Myself, I see it coming down between 2,000 and 10 and Twenty-ten.

    I wonder what Ladbrokes have it as?

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