26 December 2009


  • I always love it when this bogus beanfeast comes round.
  • I've 'celebrated' it before and I hope I'll keep on banging the bongo for many more moons.
  • My favourite times were out in Hong Kong where there was a mix of fierce believers (altho' I could never pin them down to specifics) and outright jokesters who'd be happy just to take the forked-stick and run.

    The wonderful thing about Hong Kong was that you could cobble up any old excuse for a knees-up and they'd make sure you got your money's worth.

    Money always stifled racism - but we sure had a good try.

  • Obvious and Pathetic whingeing: Oh, and no kwanzatic exotica would be complete without the articulate comment dished up here. When I saw this in the In-box it was like Christmas all over again. It's what we blog for; it makes worthwhile all the drivel that went before.

    Holler it loud ~ KwanzAAH!

    Official site

    Everything you should have been politically correct enough to ask (but didn't get the memo)

    Trojaan! ~ serves me right for thinking I could be smartass over the K'zaa festivities. Good old avast! saved me thrice from being kwanzapped by funky virulent trojans.

    But interesting ~ I take on exotica and whaam! the ju-ju man slaps me down. Cave  fellow tongue-in-cheek dissing whiteys.

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