08 December 2009


Very interesting story including good video clip.

RW sounds such a modest self-effacing chap.

Always good when prizes go to the Right Stuff and not eternally to that cartel of Emin/Hirst bozo bogusiosos.

"To make his untitled wall painting for the Turner prize exhibition, Wright employed the painstaking techniques of Renaissance fresco-makers – drawing a cartoon on paper and then transferring it to the wall in what he called "an incredibly medieval way" by pouncing – piercing the cartoon with holes and rubbing chalk through it to create "the ghost of a work" on the wall. The image was then painted with size (adhesive) and covered with gold leaf.

Despite the toil involved, when the show closes at Tate Britain on 3 January, the work will be painted over in white emulsion and lost for ever"

[My emboldenment]

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