05 December 2009


Knox guilty

Uh ohh - 26 years clinky for the slinky.

I sort of reckoned she and Sollecito (25 yrs porridge) did it, but she so resembled a compliant carnivore elder sister of a school pal who took me in haunch and hand at exactly the right time of my salad teens ...

I sort of hoped she'd walk and keep spreading the love.

Fuuck ... 22 + 26 = 48.

Those bull dykes will be cracking open the prosecco.

Pretty boy Raffaele better watch his cute ass, too, bending for the Camay in the shower.

  • Eyeballing: Judge couldn't look parents in the eye.

    Preservation of Face: judicial justice

    Evidence against Knox: flimsy at best, inchoate at worst.


    Richard said...

    I look at her and say, impossible. I look at her and say, hunh, well, could be... It's the good looks, we just don't want to believe that lookers can be creeps. Of course Seattle is a-twitter, or is that a-tweet, and cautionary tales fill the air waves.

    We are the children your parents warned you against.

    Only the shadow knows...

    Busker said...

    that's it. my looksism has always got in the way

    Simon Baddeley said...

    There are people who find murder more exciting than sex - and especially American trait where public media will allow gore but gets nervous about nudity - a culture of sexual illiteracy. The vigorous participation of the players turned a banal crime into a circus.