06 December 2009

Greek Traditions & Customs

Excellent review/interview by Kathy Tzilivakis in Athens News with Marilyn Rouvelas, American author of a guidebook on Greek traditions and customs in the USA.

It sounds fascinating, not least for its possibly life-saving advice on what it's like to marry into a Greek family - at the sheer horrendous thought of which I cross myself and genuflect to the Nine Gods of Clusium.

What a perfect gift for the season.

The online Athens News for December 4 should be up by the time you read this, so check out the full interview.

Meanwhile, the efficient Ms Tzilivakis has a 'Brief Bio' panel that includes a link to further information on Mrs Rouvelas and her book.

Even if the subject of Greek Traditions and Customs in America ain't yer bag, have fun with the page and see how a book should be presented. If you explore the site competently, you may well end up not needing to fork out for the real thing.

Living in Kerkyra, I include too many of the meekly Greekly wifed among my friends. Madame Rouvelas' gem comes too late for them, of course, but I'm shoving it in their stockings anyway just to rub it in. Anyway, the customs and traditions bit sounds timelessly valuable.

Check it out.

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