18 December 2009


To Cinéorfeas for the Kerkyra-wide première of the most hailed movie since hailing began.

I arrive in good time to join the queue which I knew would be snaking round the block. Wrong. The locals don't bother to turn up 'til the first gong and even then the cinema was far from full.

I'd resisted inviting anyone, usually my euphemism for being dumped before being dumped but this time I genuinely didn't know anyone I thought would enjoy it. Wrong.

It was Disney Plus, bags of heavy HEAVEH fire power to tap the kid in me, oodles of action, oodles of lurve, a hot hot Na'vi chick after whom it'll be a while before a human cutie brings a lump to my Levis. And stunning 'effects' ... yes, quite entertaining.

  • Story: Futuristica Planet Pandora inhabited by new-agey Na'vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture.
  • Good Looker ~ Bonkers but mainly in a good way ... continually awesome, thrilling, strange and gorgeous.

    Enter bad guys, major fire-power, gonna drive them blue faces out.

  • Good guys win; he gets the chick (Spoiler! Now you don't need to see da movie. Not really, is a great date movie)
  • I took my ultra-coolissimp 3-D shades, didnt need them.
  • Subtitles: Rather interesting. Some shithot linguist had written a language for the Na'vi which they speak often thru the flick, but there were Greek subtitles for every single word. Do the English-speaking cinemas also provide?

    And as I followed les sous-titres, the sounds of the language and the Grik subtitles echoed each other.

  • There was some cool scripting given to the major baddie that I kept laffing at to which the surrounding Greeks whispered, "Τι σημαίνει να βρει το αστείο;"

  • Chick-power ~ The alluring Neytiri, daughter of Na'vi clan leaders Mo'at and Eytukan, is played by Zoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazario, and I would *not* ney-say that honey.

    When's the next budget flight to Pandora?

  • Pimp my wings: the warriors fly round on magnificent fierce birds, albeit of delicate pastel shades.

    Our hero lassos the biggest baddest uncatchablest boid in the skies that just happens to be a brilliant sunburst red that wouldn't disgrace a pimped Hog - and shows up everyone else.

  • Worth seeing and when the pirated DVD emerges, I'm getting it to show maman.

    Clickbits : Beeb look at some of the effects


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    Simon Baddeley said...

    Sublime review. Where else? But in his book Daniel Martin (more respected in US than UK) John Fowles eponymous screenwriter talks of the way film colonises imagination. My grown children really enjoyed watching Avatar - cinematic shock and awe - in Inverness the other day, but even after three hours in the popcorn dark, it's already over for them in a way that a book needn't be. In a film the landscape, the voices, the music, the faces are all supplied and made specific to the story. Fixed ahead of time. I recall how reading - now and as a child - allowed my imagination to create what film preempts, soaring places no film could take me. I love a good movie but ...