13 November 2010


Of how many can one post just a single name? Ok, this is like what did the Romans ever do for us:

  • Elton
  • Santana
  • John, Paul, George ... [by then the screams are too loud to hear the 4th bloke's name]
  • Angelina
  • ... you get my drift.

    Anyway, good news on the Burma front and I was just wondering the other night as Obama spoke, when did we stop calling it Myanmar? I thought diplomacy obleejed no matter how stinky we personally found the regime?

    Don't get me wrong - I like it.

    One in the eye for her vile captors.

    And whatever happened to that preposterous American buffoon who swam across the lake pretending to be on a mission to save her but in fact prolonged her detention?

    Do tell me he suffered every type of beatings and abuse when he got home ....

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