19 November 2010


I feel like a Bobster song - OK, I'm always in the mood for one or other of the maestro's magic.

What I mean is that I feel as if I'm in a song about how many petitions must one man field ... before it's time to pour the first absinthe of the day?

This wretched easyjet petition just keeps thumping on my doormat - many from people whom Cook would not allow into Facebook front parlour.

And wasn't there someone who replied to the effect that we already have what we're after and so this is all a waste of duplicated time.

I'm going to spend this morning writing a tool that will count duplicate petitions and send a polite message back after the 5th or 6th plea ...


Anonymous said...

Sign up, son!

Or I'll send you another copy of the petition....

Not sure I like the title of that Zogori Jug Band tune!

Corfucius said...

i have frigging signed up, also as my mother, also using my ex gal's email, serve her right for being german, also as my daughter. enough already

Corfucius said...

I meant to mention, in re the Zog & Magog Mountain Daredevil Spoon 'n' Jug band, Dowsing Dora dont like it neither. She is searching the Greek half of her good heart and coming up with a fine tune of the scenario with a 'proper' song.

i have told her that i dont do 'proper' but you know what these Grik chicks are like ... they flare their perfect Greek nostril and give you their Electra 'look' and poor little Brit boy slinks away to write on the blackboard 'Must do what harridan tells me'.

[canst hear the rustling of dictionary as Someone looks up the H word?]