30 November 2010


I have ogled and envied every one of Dylan's guitars as they've appeared on his LP covers.

This is my kind of article and I've read it through twice even before leaping to post it.

My mother holds - and repeats often and repeatedly with many a duplicated duplication - that certain gardening articles are so well written that one doesn't even have to be 'interested' in gardening to enjoy and read them with pleasure.

Even my brother slams that idiot jardinerie vanity as steaming night-soil bullshit of the pungentest poop plop:

If a hobby ain't your hobby,



No faluting wordage is going to lift it from dead dull ashes on the page.

I cite examples in her case of handbooks on HTML, recording techniques, the finer points of Tascam gadgetry; stamp collecting and Revel kit construction; home brewing ~ but she shrugs and mutters.

This article is a good example of horses for courses, but we're talking vile gardenry so wazza the point?

Highway 61 - a little bonus


Corfu Bluesman said...

Now this is serious world news and of the greatest historical importance. No kidding. Keep it up. Better than anything on Wikileaks.

Corfucius said...

Glad you spotted the importance.

Yes, indeed, I was just dusting down a suitcase of what looked like Picassos when the Dylan's Guitars post arrived. Not wanting to waste valuable time on the daubs, I hailed this rustic electrician and shoved all 271 sketchings into his grubby fist:
'Et voila, Pierre! You and Danielle see if you can't get a bob or two for these - I've got some serious reading to catch up on.'

And that's how i managed to post with such suitable promptness.

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Corfucius said...

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