19 November 2010


To be intoned in yer best Noel Coward:

"Very rrainy, Gouviá"

Speaking of Noel, my fave spoof.

Still with spoofs, must-see camp movie of the season.

Don't miss the unctuous vagina/hand line - and how often can you punch that one into a blog?

Things are looking up already.

Megali puddles everywhere and, this being Greece, pedestrians are having to step lively to avoid a drenching as the motorists zoom by.

Gestures and oaths!

Moi having just passed my test and still driving with utmost courtesy and forethought, I slow right down and look very smug if someone else is coming in the opposite direction to splatter the peds.

I make good Grik gesture of

"We are not all like that oaf. Observe how I slowed and now crawl past you with nary a ripple."
An easy hand signal once you've mastered the basic Grik finger twiddle and gets return gestures of gratitude and friendship.

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