24 November 2010


Beg pardon to Corfucusiosi Irregulières also befriending me on facebook and who'll have seen this, but members of La Famille 'Fucius ask that I repeat the tongue-dans-cheek post here.

"Et voici, the cover shot for the Ionian edition of Γάτα Εβδομαδιαία ('Cat Weekly', incorporating 'Moggie Monthly').

They'd been after me for months to do a feature on our menagerie a quatre but you know how I shun such vulgar publicity.

Then they sent along this sweet creature complete with her own Brownie 127 (which I had to show her how to operate) and she charmed me into a chatteroux.

Elle avait du chat, on pourrait dire - oh ha ha, quel wit.

The decisive moment came when she asked timidly,

'Er, couldnt you get her to do something, um, 'catty'?

Sans even looking down at her, I purred:

'Louki - lick!'
Voila, dead on cue, La L complied.

You should have seen Mlle Journalista's eyes glow ... I could see her darling little mind ticking over,

'This man ... he has such pussy power'
Vista Note: Regard the top foto ... a little more gust to push the cloud left and I could have been wearing a beau sombrero nuageoise.

Avrio methavrio ... She's coming back to do a featurette for Hombre & Hound.

Ready for yer close-up, Sambo?

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