19 November 2010


Sitting round a jug of Nemea, someone asks how's my girls?

Owt good news of retrieval of their dad's heirloom jewelry from Villa Thefti?

Filch├Ęd from my bedside locker April 6 2007, taken to my brother's Tuscan retreat for safer keeping from thieving Corfiots.

I say no news either way. Someone who knows the background repeats the general puzzlement over why my nephews/nieces should have first dibs on my most precious possessions when they're solidly locked into my Will of Jan 9 2003 as destined for the fruits of my own loins?

Supportive Pedant (thin-lipped scowl): "There is no issue"

[Like kid bro' has no kids]

Newcomer to the squabble: "Whadya mean, No Issue? It's a fucking big issue."

  • Tilt of flagon
  • Kerchunk of goblet toasts
  • Incantation curses: Penury, plague, perdition.
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