02 September 2013


  • Perfect evening and I feel in uncharacteristically bullet-point form, so let's see how true I stay.
  •  Found Dad's old Chaucer so I took it down with me to the Navi' to read over a beer. Heavily annotated, of course, including in Chaucerian ~ typical Dad. One phrase underlined, "Ne ben nat parfite by the congregacioun of alle goodis, that they ne ben nat weyes ne."  No idea what it means but read it under breath and savoured the rolling ring.
  • Thought I was meeting Denise to deliver DEH paper but no phone and I knew she was delivering her son to the Navy so I texted her to sympathise with her day. She replied that she'd seen him en route and was 'just chillin' at home'. Anyone who can be bothered to go to the punctuation to give me the n' is a woman after my own heart, or in this case vice-versa.
  • Bought a Teleg and saw to my delight that Paddy has a post-mortem book out. Crafted by pals. Sasha adores him - prezzie?
  • Review of the Wellington Arms in Baughurst, Hants.  Bore-hurst? Bofferst? Borst? Dallianced a girl from there once, got to 5th base, invited home for weekend with parents.
  •  /ˈbɔːɡhərst/. Delightful techie, wrote poem for her, something like this
"Is this the train for Baughurst? Faugh! Wrong platform.
T'was ever thus with that woman - Win-win, but she favoured FoxPro."
You had to be there. 
  •  Very genial crowd at the Navigators, enjoying each other. I sat silent and seul.
  • Blot on the landscape - my neighbours' bad behaviour. Particularly bad today with hollering and cusses. Sofia was supervising a workman hammering and digging a little too close to the meter and yammering on about my evil foreign-ness, Greece for the Greeks.
  • That Cap'n Tom, he don't say much when he does comment, it's right there. Sympathised, asked if I needed some horn-capped Vikings to sort the unpally Palis out. I felt better on reading that.   
  •  Bit of a dilemma there: he's bringing my baby back home methavrio and I dont know who I'm going to hug harder. Him, of course ~ silly question.
  • 2nd beer - small Amstel atop large Fix - didn't taste right so I left it and went to buy fodder for les animaux where I saw M and went up and said "Avli. Thursday." She nodded with surprising submissiveness, seeing as how she argues me to the mat. 
  • Drove home as the sun was setting and took photos en roulant which are usually the best ones. 
  • Parked and Sam came out wagging and Sofia came out abusing. Made me think of NordicTom and his cockleshell boys, steely blue eyes, all togged up in those silly reindeer pullies ~ til they got the axe handles out and thoomped and pillaged. Sofia and her bully-boy  Χρυσή Αυγή son, they lived in Germany. I seem to recall the Vikings dealt Fritz a bloody nose - achtung and all that.
  •   Washed up and retrieved one of my frozen slices of Tasia mousaka. Terribly domesticated, I've become.
  • Back to Bogerst - terrifyingly county family. The matriarch came down for drinks and I chose a dry Hereth, cold. 
  • "Come and sit next to me and tell me how you met my grand-daughter. I wont ask what you doo, I assume you're something terribly boring in the City."
  • 'No such wealth. I'm in book publishing. I started off worshipping Amanda from afar but didnt have the courage to push through her throng of admirers.'
  • "And now youre here - good for you. We shall sit together at dinner and you'll tell me all about the famous authors you've met."
  • Amanda père: "Mummy, we've already done the placement and ... yes, Mummy."
I think I've done rather well with the bullets.


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