01 September 2013

BEHAN AND Μίκης Θεοδωράκης

"Καλό μήνα σε όλους"

There was I sending out all my messages and trying to hit on a nice Greek song with a Septemberish feel - opah kaboum! I come across a caption I nevah thought i'd see.

Brendan Behan & Μίκης Θεοδωράκης  

Am I being ignorant? Was there some great team-up?


Original recordings ~ 1959 production: And the beat goes on! Corfu Bluesman right there with a genuine gem

Being a bit naughty, a treasure from my schooldays -  A Drop of the Hard Stuff


Corfu Bluesman, Dorset Newsman said...

Theodorakis composed the music for the Greek production of Behan's stage play "The Hostage", and also expressed the view that the Greek and Irish people had much in common. The song "The Laughing Boy" (To Yelasto Paidi) became the theme tune of the film "Z"; the song (with slightly altered lyrics) had been adopted by many Greeks as a powerful song of protest.

Corfucius said...

thanks so much. i was being ignorant but at least i posted a good song and farantouri is always welcome on my page.

Jim said...

Just looked out my copy of "The Hostage". The song seems to be a free translation of Behan's

"I remember in September
When the final stumps were drawn...

Far away in dear old Cyprus,
Or in kenya's dusty land,
Where all bear the white man's burden
In many a strange land.
In West Belfast the school bell rings,
And we sigh for dear old England,
And the Captains and the Kings..." etc

Brendan wasn't a great Anglophile!

Corfu Bluesman, Dorset Newsman said...

And here are the original recordings from the 1959 production: