28 September 2013


OYEZ OYEZ! Wondrous wonders to be had online if you know where to surf, to which pages to subscribe ~ and don't mind squandering our island paradise hunched over a hot keyboard and plastic cup of luke-warm wine.  
NO VILENESS There I was ~ Saturday morning, breakfasted and guitared, animals fed and fondled, no 'garden' vileness to blight the day, no simpering visitors on the horizon.

GENUINE NEWS Tiens! What's this in my In-box? A most fascinating announcement - the sort of genuine news that I'm used to getting from clever Adrian Ward and his must-view Real Corfu.  


dramatic snap of Shai Zakai
WITH * Shai Zakai * Zoe Valerie * Val Androutsopoulou

AT   Casa Lucia

DATE  Saturday October 12th 2013 [but getting your bookings in by the 9th!]

TIME 10.30 am to 5pm (including light lunch)


Ley-lines are straight fault lines in the earth's tectonic plates where the electromagnetic field is particularly powerful. There is a ley-line, the Apollo-St Michael Axis, passing from south-east Ireland through Corfu to Jerusalem. 

A labyrinth in the making at Casa Lucia is centred on this ley-line. The pattern has been laid out based on the Greek labyrinth of Knossos.


Guardian spirits of the Labyrinth: We shall use the power of the ley-line, the labyrinth and the surrounding grounds and our powers of perception and sensation to transform internal and external environments, always with the Eagle and Bear watching over us, the guardian spirits of the labyrinth.

Nature Listening - Shai will conduct Nature listening exercises, creating with plants, guided imagery and transitional movement as a dialogue with the sur-round.

Listen to your body  - Zoe will guide us through listening to our bodies , extending sensation of ourselves in relation to the environment and of the environment in relation to ourselves.

Animal Frolics  Val will offer walking meditation, and a 5 animal frolic qigong to connect with the animal spirits of the place.

PROMPT BOOKING Please book by Wednesday 9th October

TICKETS : €70 euros, including lunch. Bring bottled water and a sunhat depending on the weather.

Σγόμπου, Κέρκυρα 49083, Ελλάδα
Τηλέφωνο: 26610 91419, Κινητό: 6979470571
Sgombou, Corfu 49083, Greece - 
Telephone: +30 26610 91419, Mobile: +30 6979470571

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