07 September 2013


Blazing Saturday sun. Exercising my atrophied legs by walking Sam n me round the garden to the rabid yells of Sofia Pali cussing me and telling me 'Greece for the Greeks' ... very distressing, actually. I seem to have acquired no immunity from verbal violence.

I should have captioned this 'Golden Dawn of Sun Records'

Will save this for post-lunch playing thru the big TV screen. Looks good.

Meter Move - finally, yesterday, the DEH stalwarts came and moved my meter from what turns out to be Pali property to mine. Very efficient and I tried to be helpful.

This particular team hadnt been here before so I was interested to see their reactions to the array of vile signs the Palis had rigged up. Likewise the fact there was no access to the meter and Sofia forbade them any. 

My friendly bilingual rottweiler frau turned up and charmed the DEH boys with her flirty ways and endless legs, giving as good as she got from les Palis and shocking Sofia when she went into German with her own fluent tongue. Much laughter from the electricians when she translated for them that she had just bawled the raciste out demanding to know what she had been doing in her 10+ years in Germany, coming back here to talk of a 'pure' Greece and persecuting me whose family had bought the land 40 years ago.  

Access - to hell with Sofia keeping them from their job: apparently, they made it clear that being denied access was nothing new and there was a police division with which they worked day in day out for just this sort of nonsense and they were calling them now and there were set fines and penalties that would instantly apply. 

Meanwhile they would get on with their work my side of the fence and charge the police for any delay in settling the matter that led to overtime. This was delivered with such matter-of-face calm that the sisters retreated and then came back all sweetness and light and suggested a way round and over the fence. The 'lectric boys had no time for acrobatics, just took out their bolt cutter and snipped the fence. I rather wanted the boys in blue to turn up but I was denied my cabaret. 

I took water and ice out to them (sucking up and widening the gap between the neighbours and nice-boy me) and they gave me manly grunts of appreciation, all the while keeping up their manly looks of appreciation over the Rott's shapely limbs.

As soon as everyone had gone, out came the sisters with revived hostility. Lord have mercy! I'll be glad to end this trial and quit this land for a culture I understand and can spikka da lingo. 



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