02 September 2013


Vince Vortex and the cucumbers
To Agiotfest betimes with the Fiercest Frau North of Filipas. Am on tenterhooks because it's not really her scene but she's accepted my invite because our only regular date.

Besides, she gets her rocks off tutting and mutting under her breath and savouring my anxious looks. It works out 50/50 and the glow of battle in her cheeks as we drive home makes it all worth her while.

First the good news: tourism marketing honcha Heather Skinner sang exceeding sweet with her Summertime.

Slightly less so an uncouth combo with the daft moniker of Vince Vortex and the Cucumbers

Not wanting to appear 'square', I murmured my doubts to a neighbouring music lover who withered me with a look and explained that VV & C were a fine example of 'punk' and perhaps I should have stayed home with my boxed set of Mantovani ... here is an example of their contribution to the night's jollities in the local Grapevine. A little too 'experimental' for my tastes.

'Punk' they may be, but my youthful companion is no stranger to the wilder shores of the 'hit parade' and she too expressed herself likewise uncon-Vince-d.  Some link to the spirit and manners of Corfu was missing ... 

I shared this biting esprit d'escalier on the drive home, to no avail. It's clear that some bons mots simply don't 'travel' across the Rhine.  

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Anonymous said...

I began a couple chorus' of 'off off off' - they're not suitable for the family event.