03 September 2013


  • He won't last long - fingers cross'd - with every decent citizen on the look-see and (again, hopefully) packing). 
  • If he had Drug and Drink problems before, it would be convenient if he was still wracked and careless. Hoping Venners starts to 're-start behaving anti-socially ... and reveal his real identity to friends.' 
  • If the 'Net would just keep its cool and pass the sightings on, we'd be a lot happier. Useless to date.
  • The Parole Board concluded two months ago that he [Venables] could be 'safely managed in the community.' In that case, the Parole Board is an ass and will deserve the catcalls and violence wreaked as a result.
  • Scant Competence ~ If the 'Net does its job, Venables will be hunted down pronto ... IF it can get its act together (of which there has been scant show of competence). 
  • Parole Bored - More from the gibbering ParBo PR maw: "It's thought Venables has been given a fresh identity." Duhh, of course they'd say and do that. But listen to the sharpening of chivs ... the snapping of deerstalkers, the baying of the e-hounds.  
  • Frack Attaque - To your marks, gemmun, for the All-England John Bull Venables-Thompson Hunting Fracking Trophy. 
  • Bounty ~ Movie rights sold * Paperback edition clinched *  Product placements galore * Bounty-hunter rewards mounting.
  • NO KIDS - "Must register with police for next 10 years; permanently barred from working with children." 

Usual blather to put us off the scent.

  • Mediaeval ~ somewhere out there is a tracker with the know-how and cojones to nail VenTho and scythe thru the crap and the Filth faffing and fetch these boys to a quiet place: pliers and blow-torch, get mediaeval on their asses. He/she's working on it, sifting and surfing, moving in.  

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