02 September 2013


Hurrah - the prodigal song surfaces.

Years ago, thanks to Man Loves a Woman, I got to hear another goodie by that Brylcreem'd homie ~ Thief in the Night, with its jaunty beat and wistful lyrics.

  •  Then when I myself was thieved in the night and my girls' heirloom mementos of their Pa rustled up to Villa Thefti in filchin' Firenze, I looked for it on You Tube to plaster it over blog, Tweet and email. 

Nary a sign - 'til today

Now I've completed the song set about the Piece of Work purloinery - the other being Cee Lo's deathless masterpiece and inspiration for the genius verse:
"Sta Gouvia pano, baubles bereft
Where even the luluthia have the stench of theft."

It started life as, "Drivin' up Gouvia, baubles bereft, et cetera" but then I went to an Aleko Greek lesson where he taught us about it being sta Gouvia and all that good stuff , so I changed it to distance myself from the 'real Corfu' (as featured on Facebook Grapevine) and all them northern ghetto tribes.  

PIECE OF WORK ~ the background reading I hand out to everyone who comes new to the theft. 

It has everything you need know and everything my sons in law will need know - when they finally jump parole and do themselves the favour of bumping into my daughters.

I tell everyone who wimps out on my jewel histoire - "Of course, you know about it, brother - I'm just practising the same demon dementia repeatia that's been practised on me in the Work House. But my thuggo sons-in-law won't know and they're the ones who'll need to read, heed and - my purple prose so persuasive - tool up and go fetch my girls' bijouterie back.

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