21 September 2013


Super heading. Got that from the Corfu Blues honcho, as with so many goodies.

Splendid day - in fact, doing what i don't usually, listening to one them (Blue Note) compilations

Can't usually stand them, out of context pleb mixes, but this one seems to be working. 

Truth to tell, bored to sobs - splendid day yadda yadda, clear head, everything it's such a crime on Nature not to blur with alcohol and enhance. 

Actually felt washed out all day and not from a session last night. Just exhausted.

Perked up at Tasia's briam and then had a simperer call to see if she could come round and ransack the books and I felt mean n ornery and said yes because i knew she'd tread where angels fear.

Got on the subject of the Piece of Work filcherie plus if i'd heard from the surviving thief and then there was all that argy-bargy about 'ooh, let's not use the word theft, horrid' and i heard myself reach for a clever comparison. 

I asked to think of some family member from whom she'd steal sans conscience and she furrowed her brow and pretended it was hard. "Let me make it easier: think of someone you hold in complete contempt. Hardly exist. Now picture the thieving; there - eezie-peezie. Next, imagine you've got the stolen property and they've busted you and stamping their little feet. See how easy it is to ignore them? Oils the wheels, does omni-utile contempt." She got my point.

Felt so weak I walked thrice round the garden and then trimmed the patio for some special guests coming. Koutsi sprawling in a cute way.

Delivered some more old editions of the Mediterranean Garden Society journal - absolute pain, wish i'd never offered. I forgot that I'd need to collate them and sprinkle some old Linnean Soc mags, then deliver.

MINA VERSUS GOLDEN DAWN - enjoyed watching the ice maiden Mina take the golden dung creeps down a peg or two. I tell you, you can put the hardened-est crim up against your Paxmanliest interrogator and they'll breeze thru. 

But give them a hooded-eyed Greek blonde and a 'look' and they fluster. Man, what must she be like in the sack with the right che-mister-y between her legs? Bears a lot of thinking about.

Took the Ibanez out to the newly trimmed pergola and thumbed a few melodies i'd never thought of trying on the guitar.

april in portugal, spanish harlem, crying in the rain - lovely line, that, 'some day when my crying's done, i'm gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun' - st louis blues - thought of drinking but no cigs so that killed that urge.

Kostas told me an hilarious story that I long to be true. Each Tues and Fri I collect Tasia and drive her back to cook n clean [see foto]. Too often, we meet a safari of jeepettes zooming along towards Poulades and I simply pull in and let these othos oaves career past. Apparently, some local worthies had a party on some spare land and marked the route with arrows, as one does. Must've been a new leader of the pack because they apparently mistook the arrows for their peoples' helpful markings and went charging off into the bush. I long for that to be true. 

Tasia moaning about her son under her feet on account of the strike. I was in town and took a short cut except it landed me in the main square, full of speeches and restless bannering natives. Put me in mind of Osbert Lancaster's immortal remark when asked for his memories of WW1: "My dear - the noise, the people." I mean, that says it all, cancel them tomes. 

Capless in Gaza ~ have i said? I've decided to stop capping people's tales. Bit of a shock to realise how much of my 'conversation' was capping, and how much everyone else's.

Takes an effort at start but i'll get the hang of it. Plus, you actually listen to what they're saying as opposed to looking for gaps to leap in and vaunt oneself. Cold turkey of the most unnatural for me but most effective. 

  • Person A recounting
  • Person B, C and D waiting to pounce.
  • They butt in, so you've got tales A, B, C and D gurgling
  • With now four yammerings, persons E, F and G have easy pickings to ambush. My dear, the people, the capping.
  • As a reformed capper, I focus on Person A (particularly effective when it's an attractive woman) and in a gap say, "Maria, you were saying, about the shepherd and the rabid wolverine ..."
  • My dear, the grateful - nay shocked - look that anyone was still listening. Very 'manly', that, to hold on to the original narrative. Appraising look, perhaps a further word later at the bar. 
* Li'l musical interlude - Love how the Rev. Gar' takes this.

Loved, too, how I smacked down today's Simperer when she got on the wearisome puzzled/indignant wail about how sad the gardening gene hadnt passed on. It's my smiling delivery and even menacing tone:

"Listen [leaning forward as if confiding] ... try this simple exercise ~ it'll put my behaviour in perspective ~ 
  • Choose one of least interest to you, something that has never stirred the slightest flicker of curiosity.
  • Find a strong-minded zealot hobbyist from the  ranks of the cloth-eared self-referential.
  • Have them force their pastime on you, day in and day out.
Thief to Thievèd: 60cms. 
  • In moments of respite - meals, sitting in the cool, reading  - take the full force of the dementia droning.  Sixty centimetres. 
  • Submit to five years eight months of this rubbish.
  • When you're sufficiently recovered, we'll try this conversation again.
Still in draft form but the bones are there.

Sahara - even when i bought this album i wanted to play the theme on an echoey amp. I hadn't imagined moonlight over Gouvia.

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