04 September 2013


Remember that sinister pathetic creep who kidnapped those girls and kept them imprisoned in his house - something appalling like 10 years. 

He delivered such a rambling boring apologia at the end - all about how it was actually a happy loving family - that I hoped for his sake none of his future fellow inmates was listening in and being bored to sobs like me. He would not last long in clink once the boys took revenge on his long-winded ass.

Well, guess what? One of his fellow crims must have been listening because they've already got at him and strung him up by his wheezy whining gullet. See? There is some justice in the world.

I'm only trotting out this tedious tale ad murderous nauseam [ad maman, I should simply say]  because bulger-basher Venables is walking free and I just think it's so unfair and generally incompetent that Venalballs has been in and out and paroled and cajoled - plenty of chances to snitch on him and have the vigilantes bring him in and git medieval -  but frack all has happened to him.

  • Castro - cheated out of justice. I still say someone was persuaded to look the other way so someone else could get in there and deliver their version of 'justice'. Still a pity.
  • Suicide proofing - [notice how politely i'm indulging the denialist 'suicide' nonsense.]
  • Jocelyn - there's always something creepy in the mix, in this case wanting to see his 'daughter'. It's good to think that he might have had some frustrated moments imagining he might not see 'Jocelyn' again ....  
  • Checked on every 30 minutes - can you imagine how fast they had to move? Great movie scene - a chance for some tense music


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