14 December 2008

Aγιος Σπυρίδων

Athens on fire; Kerykyradical yoofs run riot with the spray cans.
Next day, St Spiro's name day, a tree falls in the forest - ok,the waterfront - and I stop to snap it.

Passing locals ask me "Yati;" and I tell them, 'But lo! Cannot you see the saintèd Spiridion? Do not your nostrils quiver to the odour of sanctity?

And over there - those daubings - no wonder he's back to give those scamps a piece of his tongue.

They do look closer and cross themselves before hurrying on.

Also a touch of Area 51, if you ask me, round the mascara. Shudder.

And, if you know this strip, you'll know that just up from the old fort stands the proud statue of Count Matthias John von Schulemberg, tag team victor of that bout with the Turks when the Count rallied his troops and Spiro appeared in the stormy skies brandishing a fiery scimitar.

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