08 December 2008

Rioting in Greece

So ... I woke up early and got all organised for a busy day in town - right where the riots took place - got my camera (as always) and cool DVDs, money galore and ... zilch.

I'd left the lights on and bateria was phlat.

My pal came to jump start me and said it was all pretty hairy dah tahn:

"You would have loved it - camera junkie that you are. Someone would have spotted you, guessed you was foreign or a stool pigeon for the Filth, thumped you one and upturned the car, set it alight.

Great photos for your blog ... you were lucky. Athena stepped in and whispered in Zomeone's ear."

Ace comment from Wells sahib on a post i was asked to remove - the only comment possible. Le voici.

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