03 December 2008

horse with eyes blanked to prevent ID


Does the hapless horse really have its eyes blacked out? To avoid identification?

Bizarre enough tale in itself.

Post script: Sinbad's comment stirs me to explain why I sound un peu blasé about this matter.

I was actually living in Washington state in 2005 when the press was all agog over the idiot who got rogered to death for his penchant for sex avec cheval. Or is that 'du cheval'?

Whatever, as we say down the Cavalry Club.


Sibadd said...

I thought Equus was a fine play but far fetched when I saw it long ago
Then I would read of attacks on horses involving mutilation and had to add a new feature to my map of the continent of human depravity (here be horse molesters). These acts cued the usual saccharine horror ("Ain't it awful! Read all about it"). It's sentimental but rather sweet (and very funny) that some daft editor thought to blank out the horse's eyes. "The public looks up from its horse meat steak and says 'aaaah'!" I can't imagine Calico noticed very much and in this disenchanted world I doubt sad Leeroy has engendered a centaur to amaze the citizens of Guernsey.

Sibadd said...

Re your addition: History repeats itself as farce. Pasiphaë and Leda. IQ challenged Leeroy and some sad f*ck on a - what? - a 'bestiality farm. I suppose there's someone who'd call that 'pushing the envelope.'

rwells said...

This is the second time the "Enumclaw incident," as we wink, wink, nudge, nudge it in these parts, has come up in the last two days. The zeitgeist is a strange ghost, but doesn't it have anything better to talk about? Sibadd - many things were pushed, but none of them were envelopes - oh...sort of.