02 December 2008


Dinna let gravity decide

  • Viv Groskop's excellent guide to possible booze prob and tips on what to do.
  • Check out VG's other writings; she's not bad.
  • Also foxy looker, if the pic is truthful.

    rwells said...

    I got to the "small glasses" portion and thought, oh yeah, shot glasses... then i quit reading.

    Busker said...

    You're so right, RW. Ulp.

    I'm using this for my pre-yule training, later going on to severer texts.

    By the time I'm left alone in the house I should be off the baccy which helps immensely temper the bottle tilting.

    rwellsanon said...

    cite ref anon


    Busker said...

    It gets worse: there's a bar in Ipsos called Alcoholics Anonymous