29 December 2008

How much've I drunk, officer?

Just a preliminary transubstantiation

If I dwelt in the UK, I'd have my cheat sheet ready.

As it is, I'm practising all the usual and have asked my Greek fuzz friends to give me a list of *Greek* tongue-twisters they'll be putting us thru during NY's Eve slebrations.

Post-post: Speaking of the articulate inheriting the earth, or at least beating the rap, take a look at this driver reciting the alphabet backwards ... and a few other acrobatics I couldn't pull off sober with a week's training.

FYI, when I was pulled over by a Washington State patrol and asked to recite the alphabet A-Z, I was told to do it without the usual pauses and breaks one learns from the nursery. I tried it and didn't quite manage so I told the officer it was not a good test since, if I couldn't perform it in my current sober state, I'd almost certainly reel it off as required had I imbibed. He didn't accept it but that was too bad and I rattled it off letter perfect but was told I'd failed because I'd pernounced the final letter 'zed'.


Sibadd said...

I don't know about testing intoxication. It could get a lot of sober people in trouble. I like the idea that if you're more articulate you can get awat with drinking more (:))

Busker said...

i like the articulate bibulous route, too.

v few of my pals can say these *sober*. the success rate soars after a dram or twae. go figure (which i'm sure you will and deliver a shound reajun)