26 December 2008

Don't Try to Please Me

cara dillonWhich, of course, pleases me mightily.

Chanteuse Cara Dillon is a new one on me and I don't really get an idea of her voice on this clip, but this whole ensemble is what we sometimes achieved on soggy Seabold Saturdays when no one turned up and we were left standing around looking at each other going,

"So whad're you wanna do?"

I dunno, what YOU wanna do?

"I dunno. You know Wildwood Flower?"

"Nah I don't wanna do that ... done it a million times ... what're you picking over there, Eddie? Sounds good. One of yours?"

"It's nothing ... coupla chords I thought sounded cool together, get a little melody bass line in there ..."

"Hey, neat. Lemme play around with some inversions .. I think you've got something there, Ed ... keep it rolling ... "

And gradually we'd mooch over and join in and someone would start some words and others would add some more and suddenly we'd have something going on.

Listen to the harmonies and that sonorous bass voice; catch the sinuous steel guitar.

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