18 December 2008

Whole lot of Heaven

My favourite Iris DeMent and the great Jerry Douglas.

Seabold Saturday on Bainbridge up the 305 would very occasionally get like this with a tight line up of everyone knowing what they were doing.

Very nice feeling when that happens.

By the by, anyone who knows this kind of music or playing will smile at how the dobro comes in *exactly* when it always does and with exactly those throwaway notes. My theory is that this is how Jerry has always done it and, since he is such an influence on all other players, they have adopted this as The Way.

The only problem is that JD now sounds as if he's a) lapsing into cliché b) parodying himself. Most unfair.

But listen to that tight sound, look at their expressions and smiles at each other and sheer enjoyment of making their music. And their contentment at the end.

They don't give a damn about you or me. They're just there for the music and we're lucky guests to have had the camera running.

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Sibadd said...

Sublime and thanks for the introduction to the dobro. There's something to be said for being ignorant. You get to make happy discoveries late in life. As for the unfairness - that's what modern media does; eats its children.