04 December 2008


Slap Thwack Biff!

Remember that ludicrous story of a father pounced on for chastising his son for running off in a supermarket?

By t'heck, I'd've given either of my gals a right walloping if they'd worried me and wasted time like that. Word.

So there I was last night at some 'do' and this correctissima Americana hears me applauding the Orpheus cinema's decision to give prominence to the point of sale material glorifying a righteous clip round the ear.

She didn't believe me so I told her to hie her ass down to Mavili street and gaze in wonder.

Wonderful wonderful set-up, including one of those nameless cut-outs (see comment from equally wonderful Fotolibra) for dad in one hole and errant child in t'other.

Below, the macho Brendan Fraser at the precise moment that he lays about him:

"I told you to clean up your room!! Now you're all grounded."

Behind BF, stern Jet Li: "Yeh, Grasshopper- wot yer dad just said."

And to that poster's left, Uncle Dan Craig on the trail of little Timmy who made the mistake of not shoving his socks in the laundry basket.

Speaking of the non-pareil Fotolibra, what I'd like to see in the cut-out are the noble features of Lord Gwyn of Folly with hand raised and, in the wallopee space, some errant fotolibrist who didn't attentively read m'lud's rallying call for an action shot of some outlandish cheese found only on the slopes of Sokraki.


fotoLibrarian said...

That is a WEIRD coincidence! fotoLibra was just asked to supply a picture of "one of those thingies on the end of a pier where you put your faces in and the photographer snaps you — what's it called?"
We didn't know either — which raises the important question of how do you search for something when you don't know what it is?
Any ideas?
I thought not.
Presumably this is why you didn't caption the image.

Busker said...

i will be captioning it soonest. i wanted to shove it up asap to taunt a politically correctissima americaine i was chatting to last night with archaic ideas on chastising children.
here in greece we take a more robust view - to the extent that this movie p.o.s. material homes in on the fact that famous comedic actor A brings hilarity to the screen by constantly whupping famous comedic junior actor B.