09 December 2008

The twang's the thang

Worst time to make new best friends of the frettin' kind: mater embarking on extended Grand Tour of Tuscania and Londinium, house full of hooch, new strings on the geetar.

Kiss my axe, dude.

I'd wandered in a week or so back when it was just opened, tried a few Satriani licks and the boss man said come to the official opening.

Typiquement: all me old plunking muckers there, none of us told t'others we'd had invites; right sulky we were to see each other there.

I like G Street, quiet alley away from the caterwauling and tear gas.

Some 'orribly talented players there (scowl bitch) and of course dynamite guitars on show, all plugged into the latest wah-wahs and pedal stuff.

Mr Frisell, thou should'st been here.

Someone struck up the opening line of Layla and a thousand lyres leapt to the breach. It was like that Tacoma gig I went down to to swell the Guinness book of how many angels can strum Louie Louie except with these gunslingers they were all expert.

Wine everywhere ... where's that link Wells sahib sent me to Al Anon.gr?

There was a honey of a Valley Arts guitar that played itself. ("This button's, er like, off; this one - ya know? - sorta goes to 11")



Sibadd said...

I can't do music. Listen for ever, but can't play or sing. A disability to make up for other good fortune. Thank heaven my children and wife can make music. It's good to read the pleasure you take from it - like a peasant watching a man read. Not so much envious as happily admiring. I was warned not to get a piano here because the weather would break it in an empty house, so I've bought Lin a piano length keyboard as a present for when we get back in January - a sor of surprise. Yiannis who I found via you told me to go to Vrionis Music Store on Odos Mantzarou or Nakas Music Store at Sarocco square to find some Hadjidakis piano pieces she likes.

Busker said...

bravo you. those keyboards are excellent.

Sibadd said...

The news from Athens looks depressing. I've just been listening to Brabant holed up in a hotel room in the city + a film by Sarocco Square

Busker said...

agree. pals calling mailing in from all over asking or telling about the riots. pal in salonika seems to be in the middle, albeit a couple of stories up in her dad's save apartment.