08 December 2008

monarch butterfly

OUP drops Christian British words

I read that Oxford Univ Press have dumped "words associated with Christianity, the monarchy and British history."

Words like "aisle", "bishop", "chapel", "empire" and "monarch", to be replaced with the likes of "blog", "broadband" and "celebrity".

Quoth the publisher (hardly deserving that noble name), "changes have been made to reflect the fact that Britain is a modern, multicultural, multifaith society."

I swear, if I hear that vile weasel word 'multicultural' one more time, I shall ... well, I know not what I'll do.


Simon Baddeley said...

You're on the "it-all-started-to-go-wrong-at-Nicea" riff, like the two hardened warrant officers chatting in the street by Wellington Barracks in May '45 "Now *that's* over we can get back to some proper soldiering". Antidote: stop reading DT and DM and anything by that clever little metropolitan twerp Quentin Letts. Write! And by the way and for what it's worth, reporting from what should be a heartland of 'multiculturalism' (Handsworth) that term's well adrift. Over 50% (I did a survey) of people refuse to complete those classification forms that ask you to declare ethnicity. Why? Not so much on principle (tho' I do call myself 'other' occasionally to evade the little slot 'White British') but because the reality is richer than the categories that will fit on a form. The canons *are* loose. That brings problems. I'm working on it - for myself.

Busker said...

hey, rather a funny comment. well done. of course i wont stop reading DT and how did you guess that Q Letts totally rocks. i love that it went wrong at Nicea and the '45 teaparty remark. quite cheered me up for the day

Simon Baddeley said...

But you *do* promise to lay off the DM? How did I know. You left copies of the DT on a chair in one of your pix (I check them like the bloke in 'Bladerunner' - "display, zoom in, move right, move right, enlarge, print"

Busker said...
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Busker said...

yes yes clever clogs. i dont read the DM so no need mention.

i was showing off by arranging the DT there so folks would know what a serious discerning reader i am.