10 August 2009

MP Expenses

~ By Numbers ~

  • Love that bad hair look on Gordie
  • Don't forget those also questionable Cons
  • McBron says sorry on behalf of all pols
  • Poems about Sorry
  • Sorry
  • Brown's How-to on Slap and Perma-tan
  • Worse than Cash-4-Questions
  • Deliberate exploitation of poorly-policed system
  • Grandees' grabby grandeur Con con
  • A-Z filch
  • Roll over Darling: It's all coming out.
  • Tax payers paid for Lib Dem's daughter's "bolthole"

    Surprise surprise, the whole effing lot were in it.

    If I were our - your - pols, *I'd* be the one bolting now from the flak from the Teleg's investigations. Rather good sleuthing on the part of the paper.

  • Judge not that ye be not judged, etc etc: Casting out the Mote
  • Blears the Brazen
  • Heckle and Jekyll - oh boy, the mea culpae going around.
  • Loge seat, please, packet of crisps and a massage. By goom, this home entertainment lark is fun.
  • Telegraph Videos - for those of strong stomach.
  • Speaker Martin on the run: Almost too embarrassing to watch. Michael Martin floundering, faffing, flailing.
  • Bizarre expense claims
  • Of course, what further fouls the chance of the bufone Martin McCrook being taken seriously is his alarming resemblance to the late and loved Roy Kinnear.
  • Duck off, Sir Peter!
  • Whistle-blower - why he did it (apart from the obvious)
  • A British Revolution
  • Kitty UssherUsshered out
  • Official site: MP expenses online and here.
  • Green: That rule book
  • Expenses: How the official online version compares
  • Video Reaction
  • What MPs were allowed to leave out
  • Criminal Enquiries
  • The cover-up
  • Phantom council tax claims
  • What have you spotted?
  • Readers' reactions
  • Fuzz launch expenses probe. I love that word, ever since a competition ran to summarise *that* Hamlet Act in the manner of a tabloid headline, and came up with ~ Spook King Demands Death Probe
  • Mole: Why MPs were secretive
  • 10 worst MP moments - the videos
  • Coulda been a contender: that useless crock of a Speaker, Michael McMartin, fantasising that, "If I had fought, I would have won."
  • Speaker Skulduggery
  • Judge for yourselves
  • Brown climb-down - no idea if it's about expenses. Who cares? His humiliation is complete; the history books could sum up for the defence and still the Brown brood will live with shame, yea unto the umpteenth generation.
  • What they make on 2nd jobs
  • Teleg ed defends MP-busting coverage
  • Lowest Point: Scarcely credible, but Speaker 'Gorbals' Martin will actually become a Lord with £28,000 expenses and a £1.4m pension. Pass the sickbag, Alice.
  • Lord BhatiaDjangology: Yes, yes - lovely fresh-faced lad. Millionaire, to boot, you say? Amazing. But it's not his pretty-boy mug we want to see - show us the money shot of the Polish bird he's spending all our loot on.
  • Stealth expenses wheeze
  • 12:50pm Comment Quote: Links don't work in comments. Sinbad reckons he means these people
  • £20,000 allowance, broom cupboard; couldn't even remember address.
  • Speaker Berk-ow: £20,000 bill for apartment. [Always thought he looked a shifty cove]
  • Alan Duncan:MP's lot is not an 'appy one, but he still says sorry for jest.

    Anonymous said...

    I see Mr Brown bites his nails as well!

    Busker said...

    Good one. Well observed.

    Sibadd said...

    I don't think I'm an especially moral person but I've been returning expenses to my employer for 30 years and would be happy to have them inspected. Am I horrid little good two shoes or is my university's 'fees office' a lot more efficient than the House of Cpmmon's? What does all this say about the nature of probity and integrity. There are quite a lot of MPs not caught up in this scandal. Is that because they haven't been found out yet or because they are honest?

    Simon Baddeley said...

    I meant these people I guess: