13 August 2009

Corfu Chamber Opera

An adored and clued-up friend mails me:

  • The Corfu Chamber Opera is in its early stages
  • International Director Richard Woods asks everyone to join up, mail their buddies, don't be a wimp on the sidelines.
  • I loved the March recital of Greek songs of the 30s and 40s - to which, incidentally, I was invited by none other than Ms Miranda Caldi
  • Loipon, you see I am connected up the kazoo, friends in high places kai tou alla ~ so don't mess with me. Just do Mr Woods' bidding and no-one'll get hurt.
  • I shall certainly be signing up as a member
  • And yo! Look again at the website, guys, and inform yourselves.
  • Any further info' you need, it's right here

    Richard Woods writes:

    "This is just to remind you that our Opera Gala is next week on Wednesday 19 August at 9pm in the Ionian Academy. Please note the following extract from the website:

    .....the Handel Gala has been postponed due to a last-minute cancellation by mezzo-soprano Marita Paparizou. An Opera Gala will be held at the same place, date and time (Ionian Academy, Wednesday 19th August, 21.00), with the other cast members. Soprano Elpiniki Zervou, soprano Rosa Poulimenou and baritone Pantelis Kontos will perform arias by W.A.Mozart, G. Rossini, G. Bizet, G.Puccini and G.Verdi. The artists will be joined by renowned Greek-Peruvian pianist Alexandros Kapelis, who will also perform selections for piano solo from his recent acclaimed American tour "The Greek Myth."

    Tickets: 15 euros and 12 euros for members and students and can be purchased at the door.

    Last time we had an informal gathering for drinks and mezes which was very popular and I am proposing we do this again.

  • Cost: 10 euros per head and I should be happy to organise it. This will be at 7.30pm at Dimarcheio Restaurant at the top of Dimarcheio Square (bottom of Guilford Street) and it would be helpful if you could email me if you intend to come.

    This concert is a seminal moment for us in the development of the company and we really would appreciate your support on the day. Also, please do send this email on to any friends who you think would be interested (one reason for having the concert at this time is that many people are over from the UK and elsewhere in August who will not be on this mailing list but who might like to attend).

    Finally, if you are not yet a member or a sponsor and would like to be one or both of these, please let me know and I can send you further details."


    Anonymous said...

    ??What last minute cancellation???It was cancelled more than one month ago......

    Corfucius said...

    whatever. can't remember posting this in the first place and am not sure why i did so at all. not my usual subject AT ALL. and isnt it a long time ago for any comment? i dont understand this whole blog thing.

    Anonymous said...

    What a load of crap