08 August 2009

Mandy of Mandouki

Super to have Prosperonia back in the news and superer still to see Nathan 'Basil' Pascoe still official spokesman on all things toff and topical.

Whenever I take a party to his Agni Eaterie - and Natters is in residence - it's like a bonus floor show in one. Guests love it and of course mega kudos for me to have tracked down this finger-lickin' bona boîte.

I wouldn't mind being a 4th Estate scribbler living off expense-account snacks chez the Natterer:

"It looks like he's just going to stay on the Rothschild estate this time," quothed NP avec his usual theatrical flourish,

"There's about eight photographers and reporters camped out here waiting for him to come to dinner, but they're not going to get much more than a good suntan."

Terribly good, that suntan quip.

I once pulled in to show off a rising vedette.

Prefect Nate in top-hole form.

Mamzel demurely suggested - tongue firmly in downy cheek and expecting a rap on t'knuckles for lèse majesté mockery - that he'd be an equal success on the stage.

My dears - the toothy wide grin on the Nabob of Nosh ... by Jove, someone actually recognising the full range of his talents?

Super place, always cheers me and keeps guests in a giggly uproar.

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