06 August 2009

"Get a ****ing grip, you bludgers!"

That grab you as a headline, did it? Not mine, but a line from must-read James Delingpole in the ditto Spectator.

I didn't know either that there was an epidemic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ...

"Rather I thought, probably, as you did, that it was an affliction confined mainly to battle veterans.

PTSD — shell shock as it used to be known — is the terrible shaking men got after they’d been under heavy bombardment in the trenches ... Definitely not the sort of thing you’d ever get after a low-velocity shunt in the Tesco car park.

Apparently, we’re mistaken though. It seems that PTSD is so widespread a threat to the health of the nation that it has now spawned an industry worth £7 billion. Yes, not million. Billion. That is the annual turnover of the personal-accident-injury business in Britain and a massive chunk of it is taken up by PTSD claims."

Worth reading the whole piece and getting as angry as the original Panorama reporter, veteran war correspondent Allan Little.

Strong stuff and well done the Speccie fielding the likes of JD.

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