18 August 2009


Can't remember how I stumbled acrorss this one but it's my kind of reading.

I'd like the comma in there - EVENTS*,* DEAR BOY, EVENTS - but pourquoi peiner ones smalls, hein?

Its look is un peu sinbadien but the trail seems to lead back to one Howard D'Enton.

Whoever, he's crisp, seems to deal in facts, and the whole thing has the enjoyable feel of Badass's bolshy younger brother taking up quill just to annoy donnish frère aîné.

Preen Scene: Mais dis-donc, just as I'm doffing my pointy cap to Dear Boy, enter the Doge of Democracy with the sort of Cute Commentaire I roll over like Sam and wag t'wedding tackle.

Do click thereon and read: it makes my scribblings sound as if there's a smidgeon of thought buried 'neath the bile.


Sibadd said...

Denton blogs about the view through his window but he's not letting anyone peek back at him (as you do with wit I miss in Denton). And..and...to honour the famous quote in his title he'd need to convey more of a feel for the absurd - sometimes tragic, sometimes sublime - collision of intention and fate that Macmillan understood when he made that remark about luck's part in the life of governments.

Busker said...

Comme toujours, a good one.
I never know which way the moral compass is pointing - let alone how to box it - 'til one of yr comments arrive.
Alors - end of suspiciously fond mutual back-scratch.

Sibadd said...

'rudderless odyssey'! An oxymoron or perhaps not?

Busker said...

Who cares?
Another good candidate for my next 'mirror' anonyme blog.