18 August 2009


I keep calling this cute 23-yr-old heptathlete *Glenys* Ennis - it's the rhymer in me - but her correct moniker is Jessica.

Apparently, there's some 'Sports Personality of the Year' argy-bargy over which everyone - bookies, in particular - gets hells lathered and opinionated.

I don't know nuffink about that but I *do* know that if the chiseled Ms Ennis doesn't absolutely cream the field, a lot of discerning Looksists will want to know why.

I mean, just look at the quasimodo competition:

  • Andys Flintoff (cricket) and Murray (Up for tennis, Miss Ennis? Now there's a Joan Hunter Dunn for the new century)
  • Fangio wannabe, Jenson Button (Who he?).
  • Not a pretty boy among 'em.

    Whatever ... JE is my new best sexpot pin-up and I shall add to this page under the guise of being a hairy-chested sports fan.

  • Tadpole to Tiger
  • Bad Taste Comment ~ You have to feel a tinge of envy over boyfriend Andy: to be allowed even a respectful brush of those abs and wotsits must be worth any amount of ribbing dahn the boozer.
  • Bloke or Bird? At least there'll never be any doubt about my deliciosa Jess being a babelicious woman ~ unlike this beefy bloke who's being very cheeky trying to pull the femme card. Still, no accounting for tastes, I always say.
  • Complex process to check sex. Semen, ya? C'mon, how complex can it really be? But poor chap all the same, having to go thru all dis 'gender-verification' hullabaloo. (The names they come up with). And the quizzical looks over the G&Ts in the bar later ... the scowls from the other chicks when Semen sashays her way into the ladies loo?
  • Surface Clues: Listen before pre-judging.
  • Yes, A Secret Man (anag) - You have to laff at some of the clever stuff people get up to. And cry, as well, for the gauche handling of YASM's dilemma.
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