06 August 2009

Makin' Bacon

That rather clever cartoon caption puts me in mind of one of those vile T-shirts one could buy in Dassia opposite the Chandris: a mounted piggy having it rammed up the porkerière with the bacon caption to make us giggle.

The shop was full of unclever yob garb that made me weep for what Kerkyra had become. So much so that one day, precautionarily accompanied by Gay Στέλιος in his fiercest Hapkido T-shirt, I told the proprietor that I wished someone would invent a Smart Spark (à la Smart Bombs) that would incinerate his stock while leaving Doctor Giourgas' neighbouring surgery flourishing.

Nevertheless, that would be rather a good 2-in-1 caption to weave in here.

Well, goodness gracious me - look what an alert Corfucian Irregular sent in to enhance this page ...

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