21 August 2009

Κοκκινο λεμονι

Musique Apache

Out this evening to catch a bit of live-alive KL down by the Plateia kiosk bandstand.

Well done them threading their way thru the Greek red-tape to get the permit.

I'm terribly jealous of their official 'Bitches of KL' fanclub.

When I was in a band in London and Haywards Heath, all we had was pretty juniors from Red Cross house and, in the hols, the shopgirls from Boots and Woolworths.

Chord-off is meant to be 8pm so make that closer to 10pm.

Ack ptui make it nearer to midnight - all the sound checks and chatting up each others girlfriends.

Pink Panther Theme: No lemons, these Kokkini; not just pretty faces.

Pedant Watch

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a uncool service message in the form of edi-tweaks to this page.

"KOKKINO LEMONI was formed in October 2005 by Panayiotis Socratous and Alexandros Theodotos [who with the] and with the manager of the band Tasos Gkouvas they came up with the name “KOKKINO LEMONI” which stands for “Red Lemon”.

By December 2006 Panos and Alex had written 2 songs, and [it was then that] then it was when Chris Peratikos joined the band as the drummer.

Rehearsals where [delete the 'h'] in the drummers [drummer's avec apostrophe] garage, Panos on the Guitar, Chris on the Drums and Alex Vocals/Harmonica.

By May 2006 Jimmi Gardiakiotis [had] joined the band as the new singer. It was a big turnaround as Jimmi was really into metal and reggae and took Kokkino lemoni [capitalise the L?] to another level.

Summer of 2006 was full of rehearsals [insert 'which'] were held in Deans [insert apostrophe Dean's. And who is Dean? I can't see mention of him yet] workshop (thanks Dean).

The big day was the 6th of June 2006 when Kokkino Lemoni performed live for the first time a couple of their songs.
By the end of the summer they did a couple more gigs. (all in Corfu/Kerkyra) On the 16th of December Kokkino Lemoni organizes [organized 'd', not present tense 's'] the “RockAway Festival” in which they performed live the 4 songs (Mr. E, Swords Lords Chords, The Story of the Broken Promise and wrigwelter) [on which they had been working they had be [been] working on throughout the year 2006.

Summer of 2007, Mario Siapalinis joins [join-ed, past tense] the band as the bassist, Kokkino Lemoni writes [wrote, past tense] 3 more songs (M.O.B., Nargiles and Stone Doctor) and does [did many] lots of gigs.

From the [Between] 9th of September 2007 [comma] which was the last time Kokkino Lemoni performed live, until the 10th of June 2008 [saw] was a big gap of no work because all members where [were] away for studies. Then comes [came] the big return of KL, on the 14th of June KL [when they jammed] plays for the first time in 2008."

On reading the above pompous 'corrections' back next day, I can't for the life of me recollect why I thought it such a good idea to post these suggestions. Must be the proofreader/editor in me.

Good Youtube capture of Nargile

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